About me

U­Sity first became interested in music in the 4th grade. He became intrigued by his ability to express his thoughts and feelings through his words. Raised in the struggle, refusing to be a product of his environment, he continued to use creative arts to express his truths.

At the age of 18 he reached the crossroads of his life. Living on the streets, College opened the doors to the beginning opportunities U­Sity needed to succeed. Minnesota State University at Mankato provided the first platform for U­Sity to become an entrepreneurial Lion. Initially majoring in Music Business, U­sity began connecting with a larger audience with a wider diversity.

Through his music, he launched a Skate shop called Fresh. Connecting multiple passions, this entrepreneurial artist thrives with the ability to build a business in the fashion and sports industries with his music at the heart of his company.

“Ones mind should always take every Opportunity to Grow and Learn.” – U­Sity.

Later, He was hungry for more; he began applying his business logic to his music career. The Birth of Hit the Block Entertainment. Promoting and Hosting events allowed U­sity to build an even larger network , following, and collection of fellow creatives. Grinding through and expanding the sound of U­sity.

In 2010 U­Sity established Hit The Block Studios. A Recording Studio with, Passion, Creativity, and ingenuity pumping through the blood veins of the company. Thriving, striving, and growing in the heart of Hollywood, Cal; U­Sity has Provided the platform for amazing Collaborations that are both Unique and Unexpected.

The Artistry U­Sity has developed with connections and opportunities Proves that if you keep grinding,hustling and staying true to your art you can achieve whatever you set your mind to if you have the drive and passion.

U­Sity has begun to expand his sounds and collaborations, so the fans can expect fresh new sounds in music to come. Growing as an artist and business man, U­Sity will continue to learn and make innovative changes to the entertainment industry.